A Bright Future


The Importance of Being Optimistic

Our society faces serious environmental challenges, but based on humanity’s track record of successes over the past 50 years, the ready availability of effective solutions, and the potential for future innovation, today’s problems can be overcome.

The Big Picture

Nature’s Comeback Stories

Many species of animals are enjoying remarkable comebacks because we’ve smartened up and improved our once-damaging ways.

Healthy Environment, Healthy People

Cleaner Air

Thanks to clean air laws, most people are living longer, healthier, happier lives, and the health and economic benefits are measured in the trillions of dollars.


Ways You Can Take Action

Take optimism to action by following these steps in your life.

Sustainability Counter

    • 304
    • Solar panels installed every minute in 2014 globally
    • 90%
    • of Stockholm commuters walk, ride, or take transit to work
      • Every
      • 2 sec
    • two more people have safe drinking water since 1990

The Book

Looking for Good News About the Environment?

You’ve come to the right place! The Optimistic Environmentalist delivers dozens of surprising and inspiring success stories about meeting the world’s challenges.

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The Author

David R.

One of Canada’s Leading Environmental Thinkers.

David R. Boyd is a lawyer, professor, and world-renowned expert in the field of human rights and the environment. He co-chairs Vancouver’s award winning Greenest City initiative, advises governments from Tunisia to Sweden on environmental policy, and loves playing outdoors.

“I am an optimist. it does not seem too much use being anything else.”
—Winston Churchill